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Hickman’s Supasuk

Hickman’s Supasuk offers highly professional and efficient spout, down pipe and stormwater pit cleaning and maintenance services to clients from all over Bendigo and adjoining areas.

Based in Bendigo, the professionals at Hickman’s Supasuk are dedicated to providing some of the most outstanding gutter and drain cleaning services at affordable rates.

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Gutter Cleaning - Bendigo | Greater Bendigo

With a presence of over 17 years in business, the company has managed to gain the confidence of countless clients across Bendigo, Castlemaine and Maryborough.

Famous for their unsurpassed cleaning and maintenance, the professionals at Hickman’s Supasuk aim to restore gutters, down pipes and storm water pits to match ideal standards in hygiene and functionality.

Extending their remarkable services to clients from various locations including Bendigo, Castlemaine, Kyneton, Maryborough, Echuca and nearby towns, the company aims to exceed expectations and raise benchmarks with every project. The professionals at the company travel anywhere within a 100 km radius of Bendigo to offer their exclusive services.

Certified for both heights and confined spaces, the company is home to perhaps the most experienced and well trained professionals in town.

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Downpipe Cleaning - From Castlemaine to Seymour

Specializing in the cleaning and maintenance of gutters, spouts and down pipes, the company offers an extensive range of cleaning services to meet the needs and requirements of clients effectively. Hickman’s Supasuk has acquired the reputation of being the one stop solution for all guttering and insulation needs.

Not only does Hickman's Supasuk guarantee efficient and reliable maintenance work, but also the effective installation and supply of all kinds of insulation required in the process. For nearly two decades, Hickman’s Supasuk has been successfully running operations maintaining top standards in quality and maximum affordability. Some of the services provided by the experts at the company include:

  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Gutter Maintenance
  • Vacuum Cleaning of Chimneys, Flues & Stoves
  • Spouts & Down Pipes
  • Storm Water Pits & Drain Cleaning
  • Vacuum Excavation
  • All Kinds of Insulation & Dust Removal
  • Water Tank Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Ceilings and Wells
  • Supply & Fitting of Roof Insulation
  • Miscellaneous Applications

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Downpipes & Gutters - From Inglewood to Kyneton

So if you’ve recently discovered that your gutters or drains are overflowing or require general maintenance to prevent further deterioration, Hickman’s Supasuk is the place to call! The experts from Hickman's aim to fulfill individual requirements with unsurpassed professionalism and efficiency.

Clients not only get astounding services, but also benefit from highly cost effective rates each time.

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In order to book an appointment or acquire service quotes, simply call on 0417 591 281 or fill out the Contact Us form. Have the professionals visit you to sort out your problems in the best possible way at your convenience!

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